Bombay Bicycle Club.

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Tuesday 15th July 2014.


Bombay Bicycle Club are an English indie rock band from Crouch EndLondon, consisting of Jack Steadman (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jamie MacColl (guitar), Suren de Saram (drums) and Ed Nash (bass). They are guitar-fronted and have experimented with different genres, including folkelectronicaworld music and indie rock. The band were given the opening slot on 2006’s V Festival after winning a competition. They subsequently released two EPs and their debut single “Evening/Morning“. Since then, the band have released four albums including “So Long See You Tomorrow” which topped the album charts in February 2014. The band have toured worldwide as a headlining act, playing North America, Australia, Europe and the Far East.

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Porch Stories Pt 9 [Final Part?]

Sunday 13th July 2014



Part 9.

Words 924

Gaa/C© May 12th 2014

Excerpt from Pt-8 — As we walked back through the woods the same middle aged woman approached us, “Stay away from them they are none of your business.” and she was gone.

I looked at Mr Wells, “Doesn’t that just make one want to find out more?”

He nodded and we continued to the time machine.

During the next day we hid in the corner of the small house under the invisibility cloak. For a couple of hours nothing unusual happened, Carol went about her normal daily routine. She sat at intervals gathering her breath, or to refresh with a coffee, I thought she looked a little agitated. Always looking about herself, expecting someone to appear or something to happen or both. I thought for a brief moment she could see us or knew we were there, but my mind was eased when she passed us with no discovering. Then about mid-day all was let loose and took both myself and Mr Wells by surprise.

The apparition appeared, with no summoning by Carol, it hovered in the centre of the room.

“It is time, you must now hand your baby over to us.” it spoke in a quiet but husky voice.

“No, it is mine and my husbands, you are not having it,” Carol shouted and moved away. She was nearing the door when it swung open and the middle aged woman entered. She grabbed Carol and moved her, rather roughly, to the centre of the room. She was facing the apparition, being forced to stand in front of her by the woman.

“You cannot get away, you gave your oath and no one goes back on the oath. I warned you of the consequences and now you think you can do as you please.” the ghostly figure emphasised her words. It then moved close to Carol and was only a few inches from her face. “The baby is ours, and Agnes here will take it. You can do it the easy way or the hard way.” the ghostly figure glided away from Carol and rose into the air and was looking down on Carol.

A struggle ensued but Carol being heavily pregnant could not fight back or move very fast. The middle aged woman over whelmed Carol and laid her on the floor, on her back. The ghostly hag moved in and again was face to face with her victim. “I will take, it is up to you how.”

Carol laid on the floor, at first she put up a struggle but went quiet and still, as if hypnotised or enchanted. She hovered above Carol, arms waving in circular motions, at the same time chanting words we could understand. Witchcraft was happening as the air started to change colour and turn, spinning slowly around Carol and the ghostly figure. The figures hands were gesturing rise up, Carol was lying still on the ground, and the middle aged woman moved into the colours of spinning air. It was now both Mr Wells and myself witnessed something so unbelievable, if we had not seen it for ourselves we would never have believed it.

The stomach of Carol, split open, and the baby rose into the air, slowly it rose, the umbilical chord broke away and vanished. The hovered in the air and drifted towards the middle aged woman, lowered into her arms where she covered it in a blanket. Witnessing this Mr Wells could take no more he burst from his cloak of invisibility, exposing me as well, and ran towards the ghostly figure and middle aged woman shouting obscenities with the words “No! leave her alone.”

The ghostly hovering figure looked up as did the middle aged woman, and with a wave of her bony wispy hand Mr Wells was sent skidding across the floor. The middle aged woman headed for the door and was gone, I chased after her, but looking in all directions I could not see her, she just vanished. After a short time I went back into the house, Carol was lying on the floor with Mr Wells kneeling beside her, he looked up at me as I walked across the room, “she is dead, but look here sir, there is no blood no sign of any pregnancy. In fact no sign of any violence what so ever.”

“This is exactly as the daughter had said it was, and there was nothing we could have done to stop this. So we still have the problem of getting the daughter to meet her father. But…. in the meantime we should leave, get out of here, Robert will return soon to find this and we cannot be here.”

“Yes, Mr Elliot you are right lets get away.” Mr Wells got up and giving the sign of the cross across his chest.

Back at the time machine we talked about what we saw, trying to understand some or all of it but the more we talked the more confusing it got. Not only the witch and the middle aged woman, this was unbelievable enough, but why Carol and why her baby. I even mentioned about going back in time again, but Mr Wells said we could not return to this again.

Mr Wells returned me to my time and my house, he let me keep hold of the small machine so I could return to his time.

I walked into my house and stood fixated to the floor, “this house will never be the same again.” I whispered quietly to myself.

The End or Is It?

Gaa/C May 2014

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Porch Stories Part 8

Thursday 26th June 2014.



Part 8.

Gaa/C © Words 1011

Excerpt from Pt 7 —“Who knows sir, something might reveal itself.” Just as Mr Wells finished footsteps were heard and from the trees nearby Mr Marsh appeared.

It was too late for Mr Wells to invoke the invisibility cloak, so we played it out as normal as possible.

“Good afternoon Sir’s” Mr Marsh said, pausing his pace, “you strangers? well I haven’t seen you around.” he asked.

“Yes, we are just passing through, and stopped for a rest.” Mr Wells replied.

Mr Marsh was now walking around the machine, a look of puzzlement on his face, while I was dreading the question he might ask.

“This is some weird looking machine, what ..what.. is it, what does it do?” he enquired, “Certainly very impressive looking.”

Mr Wells thought for a moment before replying and then shocked me by saying, “it is a time machine, one can travel back and forth in time.” Mr Marsh just stared at him and then me then started laughing. “Ok guys I get it, mind my own business.” He started to walk away after a few yards he turned and said, “look! I don’t know what you two are up to, but I get the impression you mean no harm, and look as if a good meal would not go amiss. I live in a small house just the other side of the wood and I am inviting you to evening dinner.”

I looked at Mr Wells and then spoke, “We would love to, we have a few things to do first, then catch you later. Thank you Mr .. “

“I am Robert, Robert Marsh.” he quickly said before I could finish.

“Nice to meet you Robert, this is George Elliot, and I am Wells, HG. Call me HG if you would.” Mr Wells said and shook hands with Robert as I did after. Robert then turned and walked away and shouted back, “I must get back and let my wife know we will have guests. See you later.” he said waving his hand.

“Why did you agree to have dinner with them? a little too close to history changing.” Mr Wells asked abruptly.

“What harm can it do to have meal with them, we are not going to do anything to change history, that is not my intention. My thinking Mr Wells is, chat with them and hopefully we can learn something. This is better than I thought would happen, right amongst them instead of hiding in the corner.”

“As long as we do nothing other than chat and eat and learn. We just cannot afford to make mistakes of this magnitude no matter how small.”

“Okay, okay I get it Mr Wells, have a little faith, please.” I said getting slightly annoyed, even though Mr Wells is right. “Oh and why did you have to tell him that we have a time machine?”

“Did he believe us, no I do not think so.” spoken as a put down.

“Point taken.” I said and gave a small laugh to lighten the mood. We passed a few hours by giving the machine a clean and service, I doing as I was told.

As we neared the house shouting could be heard, some words were very clear. “I cannot do anything about it.” Was being shouted by Mrs Marsh. We then hesitated at the porch steps, gave each other a look of ‘should we go in?’ When the door swung open and an middle aged lady ran down the steps and disappeared in the wood. Not knowing what to do when Robert Marsh came out from another path from the woods.

“Oh good you have come, follow me and I’ll introduce you to my wife Carol.” he said smiling and led the way up the steps and into the house.

Sitting in a chair by the table Mrs Marsh had her head in her hands and was crying.

“My dearest what is the matter?” asked a very concerned Mr Marsh.

“Oh! Robert it is nothing really, just the baby playing up and me getting emotional. I’ll be alright in a moment.”

“We can leave it tonight if you are not up to it.” I suggested.

“No that is okay, I’ll be fine shortly. The stew is on the stove.”

“Only if you are sure ma’am.” Mr Wells said.

“Carol, this is HG,” pointing to MR Wells, “and this is George. The two I spoke of to you earlier.” We both shook her hand in turn in a friendly manner with greetings to match.

“Robert if you would like to settle our guests and get them a drink I’ll sort out dinner.” Mrs Marsh said wiping her face with her smock, and heading to the kitchen.

We did not inquire to Mrs Marsh’s mood but Mr Marsh spoke up, “Carol, as you see is heavily pregnant, and the baby is due any day, but she has had a rather upsetting past couple of months. She is often in tears, the baby is being very temperamental, as you have already seen she is very emotional.”

“It is sad but it does happen, just hope all is okay once the baby is born.” Mr Wells conversing.

“I am sure all will work out and be fine.” was all I could say, I was thinking of the spectre we saw.

The meal went well, enjoying a beef stew and home made bread, washed down with ale. Conversation was easy, and we learnt that Mr Marsh knew nothing of the spectre or the woman, but both were looking forward to the birth of their baby. By the time we left darkness was upon us, and we used lanterns the Marsh’s gave us, to find our way. As we walked back through the woods the same middle aged woman approached us, “Stay away from them they are none of your business.” and she was gone.

I looked at Mr Wells, “Doesn’t that just make one want to find out more?”

He nodded and we continued to the time machine.

Gaa/C© May 2nd 2014

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Pt 7 Porch Stories/ Devil or Demon

Wednesday 11th June 2014



Pt 7

Words 853.

Gaa/C April 2014©

I wanted to be gone, I wanted to be out of the house, but Mr Wells squeezed my hand and made a gesture to be quiet and hold our spot. I held my position but I was shaking and very nervous, the sight we both could see was frightening.

Mr Wells squeezed my arm gently, a sign of assurance for me, I could see him put his finger across his lips expressing silence is the key. I need not be told twice, I was frozen rigid, and silence and stillness was top of my list.

“She has summoned a demon or devil of some sort.” Mr Wells whispered in my ear. I was hoping we would not be heard. I was completely mesmerised with the events that were unfolding in front of us, I could not take my eyes off Mrs Marsh and the ethereal figure hovering above her.

A booming voice spoke, “What makes you summon me. I hope it is good.”

“I have changed,” Carol Marsh started to say, voice stuttering, “..changed my mind. I realise I have made a mistake…”

“You changed your mind, what makes you think you can change your mind. You have pledged an oath to me….’NO ONE’ goes back on their word.” the spectre’s voice boomed out.

“But the.. ” shaky and trembling voice she managed to finish her sentence, “baby is mine, and I want to keep it.”

The booming voice went quiet, “Your baby has been pledged and it will be ours. Now do not summon me again, I will return in time to take the baby.” The floating figure faded into the air and the bright lights from the circle of stones died immediately. Mrs Marsh, sitting in the middle of the pentagram crying, head in hands we could hear the sobs. It was passing ten minutes when Mrs Marsh came to her senses and began clearing the stones and coloured powders, pulling the rug over the pentagram, covering it completely. As she walked about her home and continued with her daily chores.

“We must try and get out.” I whispered in Mr Wells ear. He looked at me and nodded. While Mrs Marsh was in her kitchen we stood and quietly walked over to the front door. Just as we were standing by the door and I was about to open it when it burst open and barged her husband. “Carol are you here, got some news.” he went through to the kitchen.

“Shall we wait to hear what he has to say?” I asked quietly.

Mr Wells shook his head and led the way through the open door. It was when we reached the large tree Mr Wells made us visible again.

“Well that was a good experiment, my invisibility machine working for that length of time.”

“Now you tell me!” I looked at him, “Man this is getting very worrying.”

“Come on lets get back to the machine, we can rest there and refresh ourselves. We might even be able to get a little sleep.” Mr Wells walked off in a purposeful stride.

We had something to eat and drink, Mr Wells was still fascinated with the bottles of water I brought with me, followed by getting a few hours sleep under the machines cloak of invisibility. Mr Wells thought it better if we stay out of sight, I agreed.

Later that day we sat in the machine, seeing no one, “It looks as though we are a few days early to horrid event. But I think I can see now how it was, mind you Mr Wells there is no way I would have imagined this. Our problem now is what shall we do for the next few days, who knows it might be more.”

“My thought is Mr Elliot, are we doing the right thing, do we help the daughter to meet her father, do we stop the event from happening, of course then there is, ,. how do we do that?” Mr Wells finished and it was my thought as well. I know we should not interfere or change anything, so I am also thinking should we try to stop the future event even happening, if we can.

“I see that we have a few days to decide on our actions, I suggest we stay he and do some observing, from a distance, and see if anything transpires. It will give us time to work out our next move if we are to have a next move.” I said. “Can we not use your machine to go forward a few days?” I finished.

“Sorry Mr Elliot it cannot go forward short periods of only a few days. We could however go back to my time and try another time setting, but again I cannot guarantee its accuracy. So my advice would be to see the days out here and decide on our actions.” Mr Wells was explaining, “Who knows sir, something might reveal itself.” Just as Mr Wells finished footsteps were heard and from the trees nearby Mr Marsh appeared.

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DP Photo Challenge – Split Second Story.

Friday May 30th 2014

Split-Second Story.

Split Second Story.

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Friday 30th May 2014


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