The Magic Violin (Pt2)

Saturday 23rd August 2014.


On the Porch..

After a short break while I refreshed our drinks and gave her a sandwich which she ate and said she thoroughly enjoyed. Sitting back in her rocker she caught her breath and continued with her story.  Are you still sitting comfortably then I will let her continue. Enjoy.


Pt 2

Words 786

In the shop, an antique plus bric-a-brac shop, Angela and Isobel sat in the back room chatting.

“But sis’ I really thought it was in the cafe, I had been nowhere other than that. You see Issy, I left home with it, as you know we planned to lock it in the shop safe. I did my usual, stopped off at the cafe ordered a coffee and drank it and left. All this took no longer than fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t worry Angie we’ll find it, Graham knows stuff and how to seek it out.”

“But Issy, the violin just seem to vanish on its own, there was only one other in the cafe and she was still there when I went back. Jean behind the counter said she saw nothing and I believe her, she has been a friend for a long while. The violin is valuable to only us.” Angie said again crying as Isobel gave her a hug.

“We shall find it, what ever it takes we shall find it.” Said Isobel comforting her sister.

Graham read both the instructions and the verse and neither made sense to him. He unrolled the certificate and by looking carefully he could just make out the two line verse the instruction page mentioned. The two lines read ‘Looking high all you will see is the sky. Look low and you should see and press the bow.’ Again this made no sense to him. He read the verse in the diary once again…

‘The resting place where silence is forever more.

Quietly you may see the words telling you.

Take the stone, touch the map to open the door.

Inside is the prize that you always knew.’

He read them once then twice and once again, he found not much made any sense to him. “I think I will put it to Angie and Issy.” he said quietly to himself, as he put the certificate back into the tube.

In the shop Angie had just finished serving a customer, when Graham entered the shop and passed the customer as she exited.

“Hey girls I got something you need to know, I have to tell you both something. A little something mum had told me.” Graham spoke loudly as he walked across the floor towards the shop counter.

“I’ll close the shop and we can chat in the kitchen, it is nearly time anyway.” Said Angela.

In the kitchen Graham explained his findings and why mother asked him to keep in to himself. “So you see, Angie, you left the violin alone and because of the place being unknown it sensed danger, not sure what danger, maybe just the fact of being picked up by a stranger. Because of this the violins magical qualities came in, to save it, it vanished, to a place we have to find out with these verses.”

“If mother knew of this then why does she not know where the violin will appear?” asked Isobel.

“I am not sure Issy, but I think it was because she never lost it. That is probably why she told me about the certificate and the diary, it is these that will lead us to it.”

Both the girls just looked at each other not sure what to think. Graham pulled out a map from his coat pocket and a chain with a glass pendant attached. “We need to scry for it and hope we find an area in which to look.” Graham unfolded and laid the map on the table. He then dangled his pendulum over the map and moved it slowly around. “Mum did say that if this happens to the violin it is never too far away from its home base. Its home base is Angela’s house, so I will concentrate on this area.” Ten minutes of turning the pendant and chanting spells with no result the pendant suddenly thumped onto the map, and fixed onto a place. The girls looked and saw its position, “Its a graveyard, the same one our parents are in.” said Angela.

“You don’t think it is our parents grave do you? asked Issy.

“It looks very much like it. I suggest we hurry and start a search before the dark, come on.” said Graham folding up the map and then tucking it back into his pocket.

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The Certificate – ‘Looking high all you will see is the sky. Look low and you should see and press the bow.’

‘The resting place where silence is forever more.

Quietly you may see the words telling you.

Take the stone, touch the map to open the door.

Inside is the prize that you always knew.’

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Magic Violin Pt 1

Thursday 14th August 2014


On the Porch..

‘The day was warm, sunshine baking the earth. It was mid afternoon when the old lady stopped and asked if I knew the way to a small village in the nearby forest.  Seeing that she was hot and tired I offered her a an iced tea. She took me up on my offer with great thanks, I showed her to a chair next mine that looked out into the nearby wood. While she was sitting she told me that she has not been to village for many years and could not remember her way. She was looking for an Antique/Bric-a-brac shop.  We chatted for a long while and she went into a story from the past.’


Pt 1

Words 766

Isobel came running in, slamming the front door and then falling over the carpet and shouting ‘ouch’ as she hit the floor. On her knees and leaning forward on her hands, she looked up at Graham, who had rushed to her aid, “Angela has lost the violin, the one mother gave us.”

“Tell me you are joking, I mean she has just mislaid it in the shop!” Graham said frustrated while Isobel took his hand and he pulled her up to her feet. Isobel sat on the arm of the chair, and started to rub her knees, “No it is not in the shop, at least she says it’s not. She told me she thinks she left it in the cafe this morning, and when she realised it was missing she rushed back to the cafe and it was gone. And no one had seen it.” Isobel started to shed some tears. “That was our mums, it is the only thing we have of her.”

“Where is Angela now?” Graham asked.

“In the shop, and she is very upset as well. To be honest I don’t think she should be there on her own, so I will go and sit with her after I have freshened up.” Isobel stood and went upstairs.

Graham started to pace the room, in full thought, he knew something about this violin that none other knew. Their mother had told him and pledged him to secrecy. With this knowledge he knew of a possible way to locate it, but he needed to find a certificate and a diary for the year of 1946. This was his secret his burden, he had to put trust in his mother’s wish as to why she told only him. So until he sees otherwise he will continue to keep it secret.

“Okay Gray I am going to the shop and help Angie, maybe find some thing new.” he stopped pacing and faced Isobel.

“I got a few things to do and after I’m done I will meet you both at the shop.” Isobel waved as she exited the house.

After making sure Isobel had gone he clicked open the attic hatch and pulled the ladder down. He climbed the ladder and found a light switch and started to search the attic, looking through boxes and bags, he found nothing. Pulling out a couple of boxes that were stacked on top of each other he noticed hidden behind them a small wooden chest. Scrambling around the boxes and other bags he pulled the chest forward and tried opening it. It was locked or was it jammed or rusted shut. He had a good feeling about this chest, he knew it contained the articles he was searching for. No matter what he tried it would not open, it stayed firmly shut. Graham remembered this was a false lock, smiling to himself he turned the chest round so the back was facing him. Sliding his finger along the edge he found and pressed three hidden catches. As each catch was pressed Graham heard a muted click, it was when he pressed the third catch the lid popped open. Pushing the lid fully open he then rummaged through the contents, in a matter of moments he found what he looking for. A sealed leather tube with an inscription of, ‘Only the blessed, only the anointed will have the power’

He opened the container and pulled out a rolled parchment, a certificate, it was his mothers violin concert certificate. He briefly checked it and put the certificate back into its container. He said to himself ‘now diary where are you?’

He closed up the attic and headed for his bedroom, and to a wardrobe. On the bottom shelf he found a shoe box which he took out and tipped the contents onto the bed. He saw it immediately, a bright red book with large gold numbers 1946 embossed on the front cover. The book was 80 years old but it looked brand new, as if just bought from the shop.

Graham then flipped through the pages and he found all pages were blank except for two pages. One had a verse and another which had some form of instruction, to do what! Both pages were written in an old English font and style, looking like the words had been burned onto the pages. This was his next task, deciphering the text and hoping it would lead him to the violin, and he knew he was the only one that could do this.

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Bombay Bicycle Club.

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Tuesday 15th July 2014.


Bombay Bicycle Club are an English indie rock band from Crouch EndLondon, consisting of Jack Steadman (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Jamie MacColl (guitar), Suren de Saram (drums) and Ed Nash (bass). They are guitar-fronted and have experimented with different genres, including folkelectronicaworld music and indie rock. The band were given the opening slot on 2006’s V Festival after winning a competition. They subsequently released two EPs and their debut single “Evening/Morning“. Since then, the band have released four albums including “So Long See You Tomorrow” which topped the album charts in February 2014. The band have toured worldwide as a headlining act, playing North America, Australia, Europe and the Far East.

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Porch Stories Pt 9 [Final Part?]

Sunday 13th July 2014



Part 9.

Words 924

Gaa/C© May 12th 2014

Excerpt from Pt-8 — As we walked back through the woods the same middle aged woman approached us, “Stay away from them they are none of your business.” and she was gone.

I looked at Mr Wells, “Doesn’t that just make one want to find out more?”

He nodded and we continued to the time machine.

During the next day we hid in the corner of the small house under the invisibility cloak. For a couple of hours nothing unusual happened, Carol went about her normal daily routine. She sat at intervals gathering her breath, or to refresh with a coffee, I thought she looked a little agitated. Always looking about herself, expecting someone to appear or something to happen or both. I thought for a brief moment she could see us or knew we were there, but my mind was eased when she passed us with no discovering. Then about mid-day all was let loose and took both myself and Mr Wells by surprise.

The apparition appeared, with no summoning by Carol, it hovered in the centre of the room.

“It is time, you must now hand your baby over to us.” it spoke in a quiet but husky voice.

“No, it is mine and my husbands, you are not having it,” Carol shouted and moved away. She was nearing the door when it swung open and the middle aged woman entered. She grabbed Carol and moved her, rather roughly, to the centre of the room. She was facing the apparition, being forced to stand in front of her by the woman.

“You cannot get away, you gave your oath and no one goes back on the oath. I warned you of the consequences and now you think you can do as you please.” the ghostly figure emphasised her words. It then moved close to Carol and was only a few inches from her face. “The baby is ours, and Agnes here will take it. You can do it the easy way or the hard way.” the ghostly figure glided away from Carol and rose into the air and was looking down on Carol.

A struggle ensued but Carol being heavily pregnant could not fight back or move very fast. The middle aged woman over whelmed Carol and laid her on the floor, on her back. The ghostly hag moved in and again was face to face with her victim. “I will take, it is up to you how.”

Carol laid on the floor, at first she put up a struggle but went quiet and still, as if hypnotised or enchanted. She hovered above Carol, arms waving in circular motions, at the same time chanting words we could understand. Witchcraft was happening as the air started to change colour and turn, spinning slowly around Carol and the ghostly figure. The figures hands were gesturing rise up, Carol was lying still on the ground, and the middle aged woman moved into the colours of spinning air. It was now both Mr Wells and myself witnessed something so unbelievable, if we had not seen it for ourselves we would never have believed it.

The stomach of Carol, split open, and the baby rose into the air, slowly it rose, the umbilical chord broke away and vanished. The hovered in the air and drifted towards the middle aged woman, lowered into her arms where she covered it in a blanket. Witnessing this Mr Wells could take no more he burst from his cloak of invisibility, exposing me as well, and ran towards the ghostly figure and middle aged woman shouting obscenities with the words “No! leave her alone.”

The ghostly hovering figure looked up as did the middle aged woman, and with a wave of her bony wispy hand Mr Wells was sent skidding across the floor. The middle aged woman headed for the door and was gone, I chased after her, but looking in all directions I could not see her, she just vanished. After a short time I went back into the house, Carol was lying on the floor with Mr Wells kneeling beside her, he looked up at me as I walked across the room, “she is dead, but look here sir, there is no blood no sign of any pregnancy. In fact no sign of any violence what so ever.”

“This is exactly as the daughter had said it was, and there was nothing we could have done to stop this. So we still have the problem of getting the daughter to meet her father. But…. in the meantime we should leave, get out of here, Robert will return soon to find this and we cannot be here.”

“Yes, Mr Elliot you are right lets get away.” Mr Wells got up and giving the sign of the cross across his chest.

Back at the time machine we talked about what we saw, trying to understand some or all of it but the more we talked the more confusing it got. Not only the witch and the middle aged woman, this was unbelievable enough, but why Carol and why her baby. I even mentioned about going back in time again, but Mr Wells said we could not return to this again.

Mr Wells returned me to my time and my house, he let me keep hold of the small machine so I could return to his time.

I walked into my house and stood fixated to the floor, “this house will never be the same again.” I whispered quietly to myself.

The End or Is It?

Gaa/C May 2014

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